August 10, 2011 - "Christina might be one of the strongest and sexiest female characters to come out of comics this year."

Review by Carl Watkins at Guerrilla Geek

Small publisher Asylum Press is slowly, but surely, earning itself a solid place in the horror comic market. I think it’s safe to say their upcoming release Chopper will only increase the company’s presence. With a web series tie-in featuring Tyler Mane (X-Men, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) already in the works, the title is bound to turn, or roll, a few heads. While that’s all fine and good, this is a review of the comic book.

So how does the first issue of Chopper stand up? Very well actually. The comic really has a little bit of everything going for it; the story is interesting, the art is easy on the eyes, it’s sexy and even a little dangerous. It’s clearly a comic for mature audiences and it doesn’t seem to be afraid if anyone else knows it.

Focusing on the drug dealing, underachieving cheerleader Christina Winwood, Martin Shapiro put his own personal stamp on the legendary story of the Headless Horseman. Christina really has a lot of room to grow into a great character, coming across headstrong and rebellious without being completely obnoxious. She might turn out to be one of the strongest and sexiest new female characters to come out of comics this year.

The plot unfolds as a wave of strange murders occur as a new drug called Stairway to Heaven hits the streets. The drug is said to be five times stronger than a hit of ecstasy, but it also seems to have some unusual supernatural side affects as well. To compound the issues, Bike Week is descending onto Daytona to ensure there will be no end to the sin and violence. The story has a lot of potential, keeping my interest all the way to the last page and leaving me wanting more.

Juan Ferreyra’s pencil work is amazing. It has the sharpness of ’90s comic art, with the sensibilities of older artists. How this guy isn’t doing more high profile work is a mystery to me. He really is miles above many other artists that are currently making their way through the small and mid-size publishers, and I would day say even some of the artists at Marvel and DC. His characters are emotive and fun to look at. If there’s anything else you could ask for out of comic book art of this nature, I am not aware of it.

My biggest complaint would be the book just feels too short despite being a respectable twenty-five long, but that can also be seen as a credit to the quality of the book. There almost seems to be too much going on and simply just not enough pages to capture it all. With the book slated to be a five issue run, I find it hard to believe that they will be able to completely satisfy my hunger for this story, but am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised if they do.

In the end, Chopper has a lot of potential to be a great comic while gaining some well deserved attention for the creators and Asylum Press in the process. I really hope the remaining four issues live up to this first one. If you’re into horror comics, you can do a whole lot worse than this comic. Be sure to order this comic from your local shop today to guarantee your copy when it hits shelves in October.

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