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Touted as a retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow​’s headless horseman character, Chopper follows bad girl Christina, who may have ties to the Reaper, a headless Hell’s Angel who targets drug users, chopping their heads off with his scythe. As the opening so cleverly states: “First you get high. Then you die.”

In this first of a reported five issues, we are introduced to Christina, your not so average comic book hottie. She’s a scantily clad blond cheerleader with a wild side and a father who ironically happens to be a police officer. When she’s not cheering, Christina is a drug dealer who enjoys frequenting biker conventions and getting strange folktale tattoos, like a snake eating its own tail inked around her belly button.

While this was a very strong first issue, I couldn’t help but be saddened that Christina is still unable to see ghosts. The big selling point from Asylum Press is that their heroine takes a mysterious drug, which allows her to see the dead and results in frequent visits from the Reaper. Crossing my fingers that this plot point will arise in the next issue. Yet even without this added supernatural element, the comic is still a refreshing first issue, in which we witness Christina’s damaged nature, and are given glimpses of this new age headless horseman, who claims three victims in this issue alone.

Shapiro crafts an intriguing story, leaving the reader brimming with questions. What happened to Christina to vault her into this drug dealer lifestyle? Already predicting that this can be explained by a seemingly absent mother, giving credence to her rough exterior. Furthermore, what are the mysterious visions Christina receives? Who is this headless Harley-riding madman and why does he target drug users?

Hopefully all these intriguing questions will be answered in the five issue story arc. And even more hopefully, there will be a lot more cranium chopping and violence to come, because artist Juan Ferreyra draws fear and disembodied heads oh so well.

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