Chopper Featured in Variety

Variety magazineDilemma plans to do a feature film adaptation of Martin Shapiro's horror comic "Chopper." Company founder and producer J.C. Christofilis has optioned a script from Shapiro for a project described as a modern spin on the "Sleepy Hollow" mythology, with storylines revolving around a headless outlaw biker seeking vengeance in the afterlife. Dilemma is seeking co-producers at the American Film Market.

Earlier this year, Dilemma produced and self-distributed a nine-episode web series that introduced prequel storylines intended to set up the movie and its mythology. Series starred Tyler Mane and Andrew Bryniarski, with Christofilis writing and directing.

Shapiro and Christofilis met as classmates at UCLA film school then reunited at Comic-Con 2010 when Shapiro shared some early panels of the "Chopper" comic book that Asylum Press released in 2011.

"Ultimately, the neverending viability of the horror genre combined with the exploding interest in shows like 'Sons of Anarchy' made my decision to bring our title character to life a no-brainer -- pardon the pun," said Christofilis.

Tom Rubin repped Dilemma in negotiations and Shapiro was repped by manager Scott Agostoni.

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Sons of Anarchy Recruits Chopper Musician

Rusty Coones in Sons of Anarchy

Chopper friend and Attika7 founder Rusty Coones has been added to the cast of Sons of Anarchy season 5! And be sure to rock out to some of the band's Chopper soundtrack tunes live as they perform at the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival this Fall!


A Chance to Win Some Free Swag

The Chopper web series sponsors have put together a grab bag of swag that we'll be passing out to some lucky winners who comment on and share the news about the Chopper finale via Facebook or Twitter. Just send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (the address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), including your full name, mailing address, and a link to your social media remarks. These are just a few of the items you could win:

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A Chance to Win Some Free Swag

Chopper Web TV Series on YouTube

The producer who optioned the movie rights to Chopper released a live-action web TV series on YouTube back in October 2011 to introduce people to the Chopper mythology and build awareness for a movie in development. It stars Tyler Mane (Halloween, X-Men) and Andrew Bryniarski (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Batman Returns).

Rockstar energy drink is a corporate sponsor. The web series features all-new prequel story material not in the comic book that explores the origins of the Reaper and shines a light on the unknown pasts of several key characters.

When the movie option expired in 2013, all intellectual property rights reverted back to the original creator Martin Shapiro. Even though the web series accumulated over 1.2 million views on YouTube, Shapiro and the producer had significant creative differences over the direction of the Chopper franchise. For legal reasons, Shapiro decided to remove all of the episodes from the Chopper YouTube channel.

chopper web series Youtube views


Daytona Beach Newspaper Interviews Chopper Creator

Daytona Beach biker culture inspires comic book author

daytona bike weekIf a headless biker were stalking this planet, you know he'd be riding the streets of Daytona Beach, home of the infamous Daytona Bike Week festival, searching for sinners to harvest. This scenario plays out in Chopper, a new horror comic book series created by former resident Martin Shapiro.

As a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach in the 1990s, Shapiro became fascinated by biker culture. He went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force, then earned a bachelor's degree in film production from the University of Central Florida. Shapiro then earned a master's degree in screenwriting from UCLA.


Chopper Featured in Fangoria Magazine

Heads Roll in New CHOPPER Comics

Posted by Samantha Fox at Fangoria

Fangoria logo

Asylum Press and Night Owl Productions have announced a new horror comic miniseries and corresponding web series: CHOPPER. Written by screenwriter Martin Shapiro and drawn by Dark Horse artist Juan Ferreyra, CHOPPER is described as a modern-day reimagining of the infamous Headless Horseman, who has now become a headless Hell’s Angel on a motorcycle who collects the souls of sinners in the afterlife, and attacks individuals while they’re high on a new designer drug with supernatural side effects.


Chopper Trailer Starring Tyler Mane

Check out the new web series teaser trailer starring horror icon Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie's Halloween, X-Men) as the headless biker. Not for the squeamish, the transmedia horror experience will reveal the mysterious origins of the chopper-riding Reaper before he lost his head.

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